B) Listen to four news clips and answer four questions

Which of the following was NOT mentioned in the news?

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The increase of the price of rice in East Asia up to 50 percent
The decrease of the rice export in Egypt
The decrease of the rice export in both Pakistan and India
The decrease of the rice export to help stabilize domestic prices

According to the report, India and Singapore . . .

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had an agreement on weapons exchange
were both defeated in the wrestling championship
conducted a joint military maneuver
were among the winners in the wrestling championship

The news is mainly about . . .

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placing Lebanese-Syrian relations on the proper track in line with interests of both states.
boycotting the Arab summit by Lebanon due to Syrian meddling in Lebanon’s internal affairs.
a session by the Lebanese government to discuss participation in the summit.
calling for adherence to the Arab initiative to solve the Lebanese crisis.

What is the news about?

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Presence of a large number of people in Friday pray today
Schools not closed despite New Year’s celebrations
Lack of trading on the financial market today
The Bazaar not closing despite New Year’s celebrations