Administering the Test

Online BLP Questionnaire

  • Create a Google Docs account or log in to your existing Google account.
  • Go to the Access Testing Materials page and click on the Online Google Form link for the language pair you choose.
  • This will give you the option to create a copy of the BLP results spreadsheet and form in your Google Drive account.
  • After making a copy you will be taken automatically to the spreadsheet, but the Google form will be available in your Google Drive account. You can also jump to the form by going to Google Spreadsheet Menu > Form > Edit form.
  • (Optional) Edit the form before sending it to participants. Caution: Editing the form is not advised if you want to use the self-scoring features. Changing the form or results spreadsheet in certain ways will break the self-scoring functionality.
  • Send questionnaire link to testees via email or via Google Docs (The template contains instructions for testees detailing how to respond to and submit the questionnaire.)
  • View responses and scores in the Google spreadsheet linked to the questionnaire on your Google Docs account (You will not be alerted when questionnaires have been completed.)
  • Download the spreadhsheet in Excel format for further score analysis.

Pencil-and-Paper BLP Questionnaire

  • Download the Word document with the appropriate language combination to your computer
  • Print the form
  • Read directions aloud to testee
  • Allow testee to complete the form
  • Score questionnaire using the BLP scoring formula

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