Giving Administrative Access to STA’s for Cascade

If you need to give administrative access to STA’s, first click on the menu icon in the top right hand corner and then click on “Administration.”


Then click on “Users.”

Then click on “Add User” in the top right.

In “User Settings,” fill out all the appropriate information about the STA you are adding, including the Username (use UT EID), Full Name, and Email. You may set up a password for them initially, and they can always go back and change it – if you do this, however, make sure to write down the password so you don’t forget!

Then under “Membership and Roles” right next to the “User Settings” tab, you will first select the appropriate Group, which is “laits-sta-admin.”

Then you will choose the Role for the STA, which is “Admin STA.”

Once you’re done, click “Submit” at the top right!

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