Creating a Custom PowerPoint Template

Making a PPT Template in Slide Master mode allows you to make a customized template that anyone can plug and chug their information into without having to worry about styling. 

  1. Enter Slide Master view under the “View” tab in Powerpoint. 

You will see a list of template slide versions. You can delete extra slide layouts at the end (right click > Delete) or add more (Insert Layout at the top). My template only had three types of slides, so I deleted the rest.

The content on this very first slide will appear on every single slide. Because each of my slide types had different formatting from the others, I deleted everything on this first Master slide and left it completely blank. If each of your slides has the same title, background, etc then this slide will come in handy.

  1. Set up the background by right clicking anywhere on a slide and selecting “Format Background…”. When the sidebar appears, insert background PNGs by selecting “Picture or texture fill” and choosing your background image file.

  1. Formatting elements you want the user to edit later – select “Insert Placeholder” on the top bar. Placeholders act as preformatted elements (font, color, placement) that the user can edit later. Placeholders can be textboxes, images, tables, etc.

I typed “SECTION HEADER” and “Subtitle” in these placeholders so the professor knows what information belongs where.

  1. Formatting elements you don’t want the user to edit – You can make these in Slide Master mode too. To do so, create any elements under “Home” or “Insert” tabs as you normally would. I didn’t want the professor to worry about the formatting on the cover slide, so I created the text in regular text boxes, not placeholders. 

  1. If needed, rename each slide appropriately. It will help the user when creating their own deck.

  1. Exit Slide Master mode.

  1. Test your template! Each of your slides should be available under “New Slide” and properly formatted/editable now
  2. Save as a .POTX file! This is the template file





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