Adding Captioning using UT transcriptions & Panopto for Podcast Sites

New podcast site might need speaker and transcription updates before it gets published. This tutorial will go over how to create transcriptions for podcasts through either UT Transcriptions or Panopto.

Step 1: Download Audio File

  • Go to a podcast episode.


  • scroll down to find the podcast file link, copy the link.


  • go to the link in a new tab and download the audio file.


Step 2: Create Transcriptions

There are 2 ways to generate captions for an audio file:

  • UT Captioning Service – requires email request to reset transcription limit after every 10 transcriptions. One audio file at a time.
  • Panopto – unlimited transcriptions. Multiple audio files at a time.


UT Captioning Service 


  • Enter the title of the podcast episode and click “submit.” (The number on the top right corner shows how many transcriptions you have left before you need to email UT Captioning Service for a limit reset.)


  • Drag in your audio file and select “Upload.”


  • A 30 minutes audio file would take around 10 minutes.


  • Refresh the page after 10-15 minutes, copy the formatted caption.



  • Go to your Canvas Sandbox Course-> Panopto Video


  • Go to “Create” -> “Upload media.


  • Drag and drop in multiple audio files. Close the window when upload is completed.


  • Wait till the file finish processing


  • Once the file is processed, go to “Edit.


  • Go to “Caption” -> “Import captions” -> “Import automatic captions.” *If the option is not available, wait a few more minutes for it to finish processing*


  • Click “Apply” on the top right corner.


  • Select all captions and ctrl/cmd C to copy.


Step 3: Adding Transcriptions to Podcasts

  • Go back to the podcast episode and scroll down to “Transcript.”


  • Paste your captions in the “Transcript” box.


  • Click on “Update” on the top right corner to save.
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