Frame 2

Main Feature: 3. Learning Moduals,Module 02


The sound l is a peculiar sound in Tamil.  This is represented by (l).  In its production the tongue is curled back and the tip of the tongue is placed very near the roof of the mouth but not touching it.  The air stream passes through the sides of the tongue as well as in between the tip of the tongue and the roof of the mouth.  The vocal cords are vibrated.  The soft palate is raised.  This is a voiced retroflex palatal lateral.  This occurs in the word medial and final positions.  Medially it occurs as a single consonant between two vowels as in the word , as the first member of a consonant

cluster, and as the first member of a three consonant cluster.

Compare the letter for  (ma) with that for  (la).  Copy each of the letters four times.  Note the similarity and difference between them.  Your letter should be similar to the one given at extreme right.


Read the following words:


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