Frame 17

Main Feature: 3. Learning Moduals,Module 17

Picture 1

(uu): This is a long counter part of the short vowel Picture 2 (u).  In its production the manner of articulation and point of articulation are same as that of short except for the length of duration.  It is a high, back, rounded, long vowel.  It occurs initially, medially, and finally.  This long vowel is represented by Picture 3.
The letter,  Picture 3 is combination of two letters that are familiar to you (Frames 16 and 12). It is written in the following manner.
(i) FirstPicture 2 is written.
(ii) Then  Picture 4is written over Picture 2and that looks like: Picture 3

Write five times the letter (see Appendix I for hand-movements).

Picture 5

Read the following words.

Picture 6

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