Frame 6

Main Feature: 3. Learning Moduals,Module 06


In Tamil there are separate scripts for short (e) and long (ee). The letter given above is short one and pronounced as in the word, egg.

elittle(e), the short vowel in its production the lips are slightly spread. The front of the tongue is slightly raised towards the hard palate but not as high as in the case of ilittle (i) seen in the Frame 4. In this case the vocal cords are vibrated during its production. The soft palate is raised. This sound is mid, front, un-rounded, short vowel. This will not occur in the word final position.

Write five times the letter.


Read the following words.


Secondary symbol for the vowel 3p1 is 3p2 which is always placed before the primary letter.

Copy the secondary symbol five times.


Look at the vowel, consonant combinations.


Read and write them.


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