Frame 9

Main Feature: 3. Learning Moduals,Module 09


v (v) In its production the lower lip is very close to the upper front teeth. The soft palate is raised. The air stream passes through the stricture without audible friction. The vocal cords are vibrated. This maybe described as a voiced labio-dental frictionless continuant. It occurs word initial and medial positions. It occurs medially as a single consonant between the vowels, as the second member of a consonant cluster and in an identical consonant cluster.

l (l) This sound in its production, the tip of the tongue has contact with alveolar ridge in such a way that there is complete blockade of air in the middle of the mouth. The soft palate is raised so that the air cannot get through since they are not in contact with the sides of the palate. The vocal cords are vibrated during its production. This sound is described as a voiced alveolar lateral. It occurs in the word initial, medial, and final positions. In medial position it occurs as a single consonant in the intervocalic position, as the first member of a consonant cluster and in an identical consonant cluster.

Compare the letter elittle with the letters va (va) and la (la). Write them three times each.


Observe how the secondary symbols of the vowels a, aa, i, ii, elittle and eesmall go with the consonants v and l.


Read the following words.


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