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Main Feature: 3. Learning Moduals,Module 08


n(ñ): In its production the front of the tongue touches the hard palate and the soft palate is lowered. The air escapes freely through the nasal passage as in the production of other nasal sounds. The vocal cords are vibrated. It occurs in the word initial and medial positions. When it occurs before 1p2, like 1p3 as in the word 1p4, the 1p2 is always pronounced as ja, jaa, ji, jii,je, jee etc.
Hence, it is to be noted that the letter  na occurs only in its pure consonant form namely n in the middle of a word. Wherever n occurs it is immediately followed by j, with or without secondary symbols for other vowels. In all these cases,
n has the sound value of j.

Compare the letters elittle and eesmall with the letter for (ñ) and write them three times each. Your letter should be similar to the one given at the extreme right.



Read the following words.


Observe how the secondary symbols for the vowels a, aa,  ilittleii , elittle,  and eesmall are added with n.


Remember again that the letter j, with or without secondary symbols for other vowels, written immediately after n,  is always pronounced as j.

Read the following words and copy.