Frame 16

Main Feature: 3. Learning Moduals,Module 16

Picture 1

The sound (u) is produced with close lip rounding.  The back of the tongue is raised as high as possible towards the soft palate but not to the extent of causing any constriction.  The sides of the tongue are in contact with the teeth and the tip of the tongue is somewhat retracted from the lower part of the teeth.  The vocal cords vibrated.  The soft palate is raised. This is a high, back, rounded, short vowel.  It occurs in words initially and medially. The letter Picture 2 represents the sound.
In spoken Tamil this sound is pronounced with spread lips in the middle and final positions other than in the initial syllable. This is high back un-rounded short vowel.  Look at the vowel and write three times (see Appendix I for hand-movements).

Picture 3

Read the following words.

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