How does it work?

Lectures Online is a simple way for you to provide students with remote access to recordings of face-to-face (classroom-based) course sessions.

The Lectures Online support team has worked hard to make the system easy for everyone to use. For instructors, there are three stages of use.

Before class begins

To confirm that your class will be recorded using Lectures Online please contact Jacob Reynolds, the system administrator. He can be reached at The Lectures Online system will automatically start and stop recordings at scheduled class meeting times in all supported rooms.

In Canvas

The Lectures Online staff will take care of adding to the system all the information necessary for recordings to appear in your course in Canvas.

In class

Since the system is fully automated, the only thing you need to remember to do in class is turn on and wear the microphone while you teach.  Any video you send to the projector or audio you play through the in-room system will be recorded.  The video below demonstrates the experience.  Please note that the console touchscreen might be setup in a different way than what is shown in the video.

After class

After each class meeting, the day’s recording is automatically processed and delivered to your students via Canvas.  Students can view the recordings by clicking on the Lectures Online tab in the left side navigation in Canvas.  Recordings are normally available within a few hours.

Professors and other members of the instructional team in your Canvas course can make select recordings available to specific students, hide recordings, and view user statistics.

Retention policy

The recordings will remain available to students in your Canvas course for 12 months. If you would like us to remove access to the recordings sooner, please send a request to us at

Copying Canvas course pages

Many instructors copy their Canvas course page from one semester to the next. If you copy a course that has Lectures Online installed, the new Canvas course will also have Lectures Online install which means students will be presented with a bad link for recordings.

To prevent this, you will need to remove the Lectures Online tab from your Canvas course page. Here are the steps to remove the Lectures Online tab:

  • In your Canvas course page, click on the “Settings” tab in the left navigation
  • Click on “Apps” along the top bar
  • Click the “View App Configurations” box
  • Find “Lectures Online” in your list of apps
  • To the right of “Lectures Online” there will be a sprocket icon, click on it and then select delete
  • Confirm that you want to delete the app

Your students will no longer be able to see the Lectures Online app page.


The Lectures Online system is flexible in the way it can be setup. The information above details the most common way the system is used by professors; however, it is not the only way. If you have any questions about how you can use the system, please contact Jacob Reynolds at