How to setup selective sharing of recordings

Lectures Online can be setup to allow professors and TAs to distribute specific recordings to specific students instead of delivering all recordings to the full course roster. This can be used to provide access to recordings students missed due to approved absences or to meet other course needs.

To allow for personal access only, first you need to setup a delayed release date, which will prevent recordings from being available to all students in your course. To set this up:

1. Log into the Canvas page for your course.

2. Click on the Lectures Online app located in the left navigation column, which will open the Lectures Online app in a new browser tab.

3. Click on the “Settings” tab on the top right of the Lectures Online app.

4. Under the “Schedule Recording Release” section of “Settings”, click “Add new Release Date”.

5. A date box will appear, click on the box to have a calendar appear.  Select the date on which you want all of your recordings to appear.  For the purposed of selectively sharing the recordings, set a date far in the future, like 12/31/2099.

6. Press the “Save” button below the date box.

Anyone with a Teacher or TA role in the Canvas course will be able to click on the “Sharing” option in the upper right corner to access setup for personal sharing.

Lectures Online app main landing page with arrow showing the Sharing button.

On the sharing screen there are sections for “Personal Sharing” and “Between-Class Sharing”. “Personal sharing” is what you will use to provide select recordings to specific students.

Under the “Personal Sharing” section, there is a drop-down list of all your recordings to date. Select the recording you want to share by highlighting it.

The sharing screen within the Lectures Online app displaying the full drop-down list of recordings available for a course.

Next, enter the student’s EID that you want to have access to the recording (1 on image below). Once the EID is entered, click on the “Share” button (2 on image below).

The Personal Sharing section of the sharing page in the Lectures Online app.
Number 1 shows where to enter an EID.
Number 2 shows the location of the share button.

A link will appear. Copy the link (1 on the image below) and share with the student. Please note that the link is specific to the student you noted in the EID. If you want to share the same video with multiple students, you will need to set up unique links for each student.

If you would like the student to no longer have access to the recording, you can delete the link via the “Delete” button (2 on the image below).

The Personal Sharing section of the sharing page in the Lectures Online app.
Number 1 shows the URL to copy to share with the student.
Number 2 shows the location of the button to delete the sharing link.