2020 Fall remote access support

During Fall 2020 instructors are required to provide students with remote access to recordings of face-to-face (classroom-based) course sessions. At the Provost’s direction, we have equipped 94 rooms with UT’s Lectures Online lecture capture system. Lectures Online will make it simple for you to meet the remote access requirement.

Lectures Online automatically records your class presentations and delivers these recordings to your students through a non-downloadable link in your Canvas course page for after-class review.

The Lectures Online system records audio, including your microphone and any audio from your computer that is played over the room speakers, and any video you present on the projector using the in-room console system, including inputs from the document camera or a plugged in laptop.

The Lectures Online system is designed to provide students asynchronous review of the materials. If you wish to provide a live stream from your classroom, often referred to as dual-mode instruction, you can find guidance at https://rsc.la.utexas.edu/dual-mode-instruction/.

The system will automatically start and stop recordings at your scheduled class meeting times. After each class meeting, the day’s recording is automatically processed and delivered to your students via Canvas. Recordings are normally available within a few hours.

Please note that the Lectures Online system in most rooms does not currently include a camera that can record chalkboard use. We are working to address this in future room updates, but this will not be ready before the fall semester. Rooms with cameras are BRB 1.118, CMA 2.306, CMA 3.114, PHR 2.108 and PHR 2.110. These cameras are fixed wide-angle shot and do not track you as you move around the classroom.

Instructors have been encouraged to visit their classrooms on Thursday (8/20) or Friday (8/21) to make sure the room is ready and to perform a trial run of the first day of class. Automatic lecture capture will not take place during these dates. You may assume that the lecture capture is working and will be ready for the first actual day of class.