For student issues, students should review the Student FAQ portion of this website.

For issues related to equipment in BUR 106, CPE 2.222, FAC 21, GAR 0.102, JES A121A, MEZ 1.306, RLP 0.102, RLP 0.112, RLP 0.126, RLP 0.128, RLP 0.130, or WCH 1.120, please contact LAITS Classroom Support at 512.232.5400.

For issues related to the equipment in PHR 2.108 or PHR 2.110, please contact Pharmacy’s classroom support at 512.471.1400 or via their website.

For issues related to the equipment in PAI 2.48, PAI 3.02, PAI 4.42, PHR 2.108, PHR 2.110, RLM 5.104, RLM 6.104, or RLM 7.104, please contact the College of Natural Sciences’ classroom support at 512.232.9173.

Canvas support is available at the Canvas support site.

If you would like to learn more about Lectures Online at the University of Texas at Austin, please contact Jacob Reynolds at