How to hide recordings

Recordings will automatically become available to your students once they are processed after the class meeting concludes unless you have setup delayed release.  If you would like to hide a recording so students are not able to view it, click on the Lectures Online tab in your Canvas course.  This will load the Lectures Online app.  You will see a full list of all recordings to date for your course. It will look like this:

Lectures Online app page

In front of the name of each recording, you will see an icon for an eye and a play button.  If you would like to hide a recording, just click on the eye icon.  It will turn red with a slash through it.  It will look like this:

Lectures Online page hidden

Students will no longer be able to view any recordings that are hidden (red eye icon with a slash through it).  They will be able to see the name of the recording, but it will be grayed out and not able to play.  

To unhide a recording, click on the red eye icon and it will turn white again, meaning students will be able to play the recording.