Professors: How does it work?

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One of the main reasons Echo360 was selected for the Liberal Arts lecture capture trial was its ease of use for all parties involved. For professors there are three stages of use.

Before class begins
To use the lecture capture system you will need to let Mike Heidenreich, the system administrator, know that you want your class recorded. He will schedule the recordings to begin automatically.

You will then need to activate the use of Echo360 on your Blackboard page for your course. Here are the directions for doing this (for a visual, please click on image below):
1. In the course, navigate to Control Panel -> Customization -> Tool Availability
2. Locate the “Echo Content” tool and check the box in the “Available in Content Area” column.
3. Click “Submit” to apply the change.

Steps to allow Echo360 to post into Blackboard







In class
Since the system is fully automated, the only thing you need to remember to do in class is turn on the microphone and teach.

You will receive feedback on the Crestron touch screen interface regarding the status of the lecture capture system. Five minutes before a recording begins, a countdown clock will appear in the lower right-hand corner letting you know of the impending recording. It will look like this:
Countdown timer on Crestron

Once the recording has begun, the countdown clock will change to indicate that the device is recording. When recording the lecture capture system will capture all audio and any materials you present on the screen to your left (if you are using a single projection room, all material sent to the screen will record). The Crestron interface will indicate a recording in process in the lower right-hand corner:
Crestron Record button

If you would like to say something off the record or just do not want to record a portion of your class, you can pause the recording at any point by pushing the record indication button. After a few seconds the button will read ‘Paused’ like this:
Cestron Pause button

To return to recording you lecture, just push the button again and after a few seconds it will indicate that it is indeed recording.

After class
Once your class has ended, the materials are uploaded to the servers for processing. In about 3 hours, the files are ready for publishing.

There are two different publishing options ‘Catch & Release’ and ‘Catch & Cook’. Catch & Release means that as soon as your recordings have been processed, they will publish into Blackboard. Catch & Cook allows you to delay the publishing of your recordings. The system defaults to ‘Catch & Release’ publishing. If you want to use ‘Catch & Cook’ you will need to let the system administrator know ahead of time when you want your recordings published.

When your recording is published, the Echo recording will appear in Blackboard under the EchoCenter tab. To access the EchoCenter, click on the EchoCenter link in the left toolbar in Blackboard:
How to access the EchoCenter

This announcement contains a link to view the recording. It will look like this:
Blackboard publishing example

Your students will view the recordings by clicking on the link that appears in the publishing announcement. The material is presented via a secured flash stream, so the material is not downloading to their local machine. You can view an example of an Echo360 lecture capture recording here.

Combining Courses In Blackboard
If a professor is teaching a course with multiple unique numbers and wants to combine the courses in Blackboard, a brief tutorial explaining how to do this can be found here.

The Echo360 system is very flexible in the way it can be setup. The above information details the most common way the system is used by professors; however, it is not the only way. For example, it can publish to non-Blackboard systems or it can record just the audio for a course. If you have any questions, please contact Michael Heidenreich at

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