Dr. Gloria Gonzalez-Lopez receives Women’s and Gender Studies Gilbert Teaching Excellence award

Dr. Gloria Gonzalez-Lopez was presented with the Lucia, John, and Melissa Gilbert Teaching Excellence Award honoring her outstanding record of undergraduate and/or graduate teaching in Women’s and Gender Studies courses. One award is given each year, alternating between non-tenured faculty members (Assistant Professor or Lecturer) and tenured faculty members (Associate or Full Professor). Dr. Lopez-Gonzalez is well known for her compassionate mentoring of Sociology graduate students and for her research in the areas of gender and sexuality. Congratulations for this well-deserved award!

In addition to receiving recognition for her outstanding contribution to undergraduate and graduate mentoring and teaching, Dr. Gonzalez-Lopez’ graduate student, Lorena Siller, received the 2012 Women’s and Gender Studies MA Thesis Award. Lorena recently finished her MA Thesis, “Ni Domésticas Ni Putas: Sexual Harassment in the Lives of Female Household Workers in Monterrey, Nuevo León” under the supervision of Dr. Gonzalez-Lopez and will be graduating in May 2012.

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